We are an innovative software creator that extends functionality in core business solutions. Companies will benefit from the empowerment of their extended core business solutions.

Dedication pushes the limits

The people at XtensionIT are dedicated to push the limits for our solutions. It all starts with a craftsman approach to development and high-quality expectations. At XtensionIT we pride ourselves in our knowledge of the business processes and industries we deliver solutions for.

We’re Better Together

At XtensionIT we value or partnerships highly. In collaboration with our partners, we deliver the optimal experience for all companies that choose an XtensionIT solution to extend their core business solutions. Our partners have in-depth knowledge about business processes and all company needs. The teamwork between our partners and XtensionIT will ensure that clients get a best-of-breed extension with education to fulfill the business requirement for creating extra value for their company.

Meet the team

Simon Berthelsen

Managing Director
+45 27 79 58 84 sbe@xtensionit.com

Lars Rønde

Product Manager
+45 28 11 88 92 lrn@xtensionit.com

Rikke Hestbæk

Communications & Marketing
+45 31 44 92 62 marketing@xtensionit.com

Jesper Lohse Andreasen

+45 32 42 69 04 jla@xtensionit.com

Christian Schachner

+45 32 42 66 47 cms@xtensionit.com