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Create synergies with master data management and Optimize your business with Multi Entity Management
Our Certified for Microsoft Dynamics solution enables you to create synergies that empower your business. Multi Entity Management by XtensionIT is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, allowing you to experience optimized business processes and much higher efficiency when handling any of your master data.
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What is Multi Entity Management and why do you need it?

- Multi-Entity Management
is a comprehensive solution that centralizes and optimizes the management of master data, facilitates seamless interactions between multiple business entities, and enables efficient cross-company evaluations.

- Timesaving:
The Multi Entity Management solution by XtensionIT saves time by streamlining the process of entering and maintaining master data.

-  Centralized management: Multi Entity Management offers a central management tool that allows for easy distribution of master data throughout the corporate structure.

- High-quality data availability: Multi Entity Management distributes automated data to ensure high-quality data availability within one or multiple databases.

Applying Multi Entity Management will help you save time entering and maintaining your master data. With our central management tool, all master data is easily distributed throughout your corporate structure. The Central management tool allows for high-quality data availability through automated data distribution within one or multiple databases.

The solution accommodates the need for high quality and security. Further, the solution provides consistent data as well as prevent redundancies.

Optimize your business with Multi Entity Management

Multi Entity Management is valuable when searching for a tool to optimize your business processes. Our solution is easily integrated with your existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central installations.

Combined with its numerous useful functions, the solution simplifies your business processes and significantly increases your data quality. At the same time, the solution grants easy configuration of individual settings – bringing you even more added value for your business.

Multi Entity Management creates clear structures, increase transparency of your data, and supports you in complying with audit, compliance, and legal requirements.

Futher, it ensures seamless interactions of your companies. The central and hierarchical master data management tool helps you to control the creation and use of your master data safely – and if necessary, web services enable the ongoing synchronization of several databases.

Empowering your business with cross-company evaluations

Our solution possesses several features for cross-company evaluation.

Data pools combine runtime multi-client transaction data, making analysis and reporting much more accessible to create. If you wish to simplify preparatory work for your annual financial statements or support your operational business entities with analysis, you are provided with flexible and fast access to consolidated data for your reporting through the solution. It makes it easy to manage and adds value for your company, as it ensures insight and an overview of your entire enterprise.

The master data management framework we offer closes a critical functionality gap and is an essential solution for enterprises with multiple business entities. Any master data can be conveniently entered, maintained, and synchronized with other operative companies at a central location.

By creating synergies at runtime for cross-company operations, you are guaranteed added value with Multi Entity Management!

Enjoy a video tour around the features and functionalities of Multi Entity Management

Are you interested in Multi Entity Management as a solution for your company?


125,00 EUR/month annually
Per environment
  • 135,00 EUR/month for monthly payment
  • 1-20 companies


185,00 EUR/month annually
Per environment
  • 200,00 EUR/month for monthly payment
  • 1-100 companies


215,00 EUR/month annually
Per environment
  • 235,00 EUR/month for monthly payment
  • >100 companies
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