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Warehouse Scanner

Warehouse Scanner removes the need for paper, manual processes, and saves you and your warehouse staff time and effort. Your business will benefit from an easy-to-use app that integrates directly with your Business Central platform.
Warehouse Scanner

Efficient warehouse processes

Our scanner simplifies and optimizes the process of handling products and orders in your warehouse. It helps you when receiving new purchase orders, picking products for sales orders, or when taking stock of your inventory. Everything is handled in one app that can be accessed through your smartphones or tablets. It also works with regular barcode scanners and the built-in camera on the user’s device.

Futher, it ensures seamless interactions of your companies. The central and hierarchical master data management tool helps you to control the creation and use of your master data safely – and if necessary, web services enable the ongoing synchronization of several databases.

Benefits of Warehouse Scanner

Eliminate paper

The app is intended for those who are not yet ready for complete inventory management with location but would like to go one step further and pick digitally instead of on paper.

Systems are updated in real-time

The items are automatically updated in stock, and the customer has a full overview of the stock. The app picks up orders from Business Central and can also tell how many items you are expected to receive. Likewise, you can easily make stock takes. Finally, sales orders can also be picked through the app – ensuring that the goods enter the warehouse correctly and out again.

Avoid errors

With the app, you can follow the product’s journey from start to finish in all work processes and can thereby avoid any errors in stock status and orders. Purchase orders can easily be found by either searching by number and supplier or scanning one of the items with the device. With a few clicks, you can also create item receipts, update stock, and post the order.

How to get started

Effortless installation

Download Warehouse Scanner from Microsoft AppSource and it will automatically be installed in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central instance.

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