New changes: Multi Entity Management and Business Central 2022 release wave 2

Welcome to xTensionIT

Microsoft is constantly improving Business Central, and during this evolvement, new technologies are introduced, and some are deprecated. XtensionIT has done a lot of work behind the scenes to have our Multi Entity Management solution ready for these changes.

To handle these changes, please upgrade to the latest Multi Entity Management version, Update through AppSource or download the runtime App-files to the on-premises versions of Business Central 14 to 21

With the new Business Central release, the following technology changes from Microsoft have been addressed in relation to Multi Entity Management:

1) Multi Entity Management is developed as Universal Code.
This means that the solution is the same solution whether it is installed as Cloud/SaaS or on-premises. The benefits for the on-premises installations are that there are no license requirements for the extra module “Implemented code is not cloud-optimized.”

2) Removal of the use of Web Service Access Keys (Basic Auth) for Business Central Online
The capability to access web services in Business Central using Web Service Access Key (Basic Auth) is deprecated for Cloud/SaaS. Any integrations/solutions that connect to Business Central online using Web Service Access Key (Basic Auth) will stop working after October 1, 2022. OAuth2 will be the only authentication option for Cloud/SaaS.

Multi Entity Management supports replicating data to Cross Database Subscribing in Business Central Cloud/SaaS environments. Please get in touch with your Dynamics Partner or XtensionIT for setup guidance for service-to-service authentication.

3) Future removal of SOAP endpoints
OData V4 has superseded SOAP. It's recommended that integrations are migrated to OData V4 as soon as possible.

Our developers are now testing Cross Database functionality in Multi Entity Management where the SOAP communication is replaced with REST communication technology. At the beginning of year 2023 it will be possible to choose between SOAP or REST communication in Multi Entity Management when working with Cross database replicating.

Remember to upgrade frequently and benefit from the solution's new features and error correction.