How XtensionIT's Shipment Connectors enhance logistics by connecting Business Central with shipping platforms

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In today's fast-paced business environment, optimizing your logistics processes is very important. XtensionIT’s Shipment Connectors are designed to seamlessly integrate with popular shipping platforms like Shipmondo, nShift, and Webshipper. Let's explore how a shipment connector improves the shipping workflow in Business Central.

Better preparation for big events with Shipment Connectors

With a Shipment Connector extension for Business Central the warehouse staff will gain the ability to streamline and automate various aspects of the shipping process. The seamless connection with Microsoft Business Central and the Shipment Platform of choice, they establish a fluid and efficient exchange of information from Business Central, removing the need for manual entering data into the shipment platform.

Let's take an example!

Consider a scenario where a major event, such as Christmas or Black Friday, is on the horizon. Anticipating heightened activity, you believe your business is well-prepared. However, when the event unfolds, you discover that your warehouse staff and systems are not adequately equipped to handle the surge in demand. Now, you will have to notify customers about shipment delays, because manual label creation is time-consuming for your warehouse staff. This is precisely where our Shipment Connectors come into play, addressing the challenge of mounting manual tasks during high order volumes and ensuring a smoother process for your business.

Tailored for Microsoft Business Central and shipping platforms

At XtensionIT, we understand that every business is unique, and so are its shipping requirements. That's why Shipment Connectors are specifically designed to enhance Microsoft Business Central, catering to the needs of businesses that frequently dispatch packages. By leveraging the power of automation, we ensure that your logistics processes are not only streamlined but also tailored to the capabilities of Business Central.
You can choose the Shipping Platform that fits your business requirements, because the Shipment Connectors works with various shipping platforms such as Shipmondo, nShift, and Webshipper. The connection empowers you to choose the logistics platform that aligns exactly with your preferences. Whether you're focused on specific features, layout, or something else, Shipment Connectors provide the flexibility to adapt to your platform.

Let’s wrap up some key benefits of Shipment Connectors:

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