Shipment Connector for nShift

nShift Shipment handling Designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 business Central
Automate the shipping process, save manual handling time and minimise errors.


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Shipment Connector

Let your Business benefit from a shipment integration between Business Central and nShift's logistics platform, providing a complete management flow directly in your Business Central.

Superior Shipment Process

The nShift Shipment Connector simplifies and optimises the process of handling parcels for Shipment in Business Central. The Waybill information is automatically created from the Sales Order or Warehouse Shipment document. The information is then transferred to the nShift Consignor Web Portal, which handles the communication with the Shipping Agents, as well as returning the Track & Trace number for the parcels.

Benefits of the Shipment Connector

Avoid manual work

The Shipment Connector is smart because the Waybill is automatically created on nShift's Web Portal from the Sales Order or Warehouse Shipment documents in Business Central. Track & Trace information is updated in Business Central and parcel labels are sent to the designated label printer.

Follow the shipping order from A-Z

Track & Trace information is automatically distributed to the parcel recipient allowing customers to follow their orders easily and conveniently. Customer Service are able to track the shipment from when the order is sent until the parcel is delivered.

Avoid errors in shipments

Bypass the manual process of entering delivery address i.e. across multiple platforms, thus avoiding the risk of typing errors.

Easy printing of labels

The solution allows customers to mass-create parcel labels for shipments, making the entirety of the shipping process mor efficient.

How to get Started

Effortless Installation

Download the nShift Shipment Connector from Microsoft AppSource and it will automatically be installed in your Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.

Quick Setup

The setup of the Shipment Connector is quick - all that is required is to have the Company set up in nShift's Consignor Web Portal and then synchronise the Shipment information with the Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service in Business Central.

Go Live

If any education or council is necessary, you can consult the skilled consultants of our partners or work with the available online documentation and video guides to ensure that the Shipment process embraces your business.

Handle your shipment from Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

Take the shipping process into your own hands with Tasklet Mobile WMS. Ship directly from your Warehouse with our carrier platform Shipmondo

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